Frequently Asked Questions

What is the philosophy that drives Hirevirtual Staff?
At Hirevirtual Staff we are so passionate and totally dedicated to making this staffing solution work for both the client and staff. In the past 3years of operation, we have witnessed positive changes to hundreds of our client’s who have made the leap from only hiring locally based staff to work from their offices to hiring staff based abroad to work remotely as a true extension of their own teams.
We see Hirevirtual Staffing as a totally viable enterprise solution that should be considered in any business hiring process. Businesses should not only consider hiring locally but should also experience the benefits of hiring remotely, as it really is such a cost effective staffing solution and it would be to the detriment of a business to ignore HireVirtual Staffing as a possible solution to their staffing needs.
What makes Hirevirtual Staff different from other offshore labor hire suppliers?

The greatest difference between Hirevirtual Staffs and our other offshore staffing suppliers is that we are a service orientated specializing in dealing with long term sustainable working relationships between offshore staff and their international clients.

We have invested heavily so we are able to offer quality customer support to clients and staff. In addition we are continuously focusing our efforts to improving our company procedures and adding extra layers of security to ensure that clients and staff are able to invest their time and energy into making this staffing model for them.

Why is hiring staff from Hirevirtual Staff still a preferred method to use by prospective clients even when these prospective clients personally had the experience & know how to hire offshore staff directly themselves?

Our experience has shown us that the greatest issue with hiring staff from abroad is trust and accountability. Previously to using Hirevirtual Staff, clients who hired people directly indicated that they experienced many frustrations such as issues with punctuality, reliability where staff would disappear during the middle of work expectations as well as others clients having experienced the inability to gain trust and commitment from their staff. In addition to these issues were the seemingly constant issues with IT related problems resulting in a lack of accountability and transparency.

At Hirevirtual Staff we have addressed all the foreseeable problems you may experience when working with staff from autonomous locations. We have developed our own procedures and technologies that keep all involved accountable to ensure that staff are online, on time and performing work related tasks. In addition to the Hirevirtual Staff transparency technologies assisting to facilitate the authenticity of the working relationships, we have a highly trained HR support department dedicated to making remote working relationships between client and staff alike successful and sustainable over the long term. At Hirevirtual Staff we personally screen all candidates, visit their homes to validate that they have fast Internet connections, adequate computer equipment and confirm their references and ID’s. All these steps are in place so that both offshore staff and international clients could invest their time into building a successful remote working relationship.

Why do staff prefer to working with Hirevirtual Staff rather than with an dealing international client directly?

We have found that contractors are usually less likely commit to working for aninternational client directly because they feel the client cannot offer the same security and guarantees as Hirevirtual Staff.

Often contractors feel vulnerable when working directly with international clients because of the isolation factor they feel which contribute to concerns relating to payroll, being taken advantage of by clients, the lack of a support network and trust related issues. This is not a healthy environment for contractors to build a long term career in and as a result most people prefer to work with Hirevirtual Staff.

At Hirevirtual Staff we offer offshore staff:

  • Lifetime rehiring opportunities.
  • We have a vested interest to assist staff to build a successful professional home-based career.
  • Guarantee staff that if they work an hour they are paid an hour at the end of every month in their local currency.
  • We never delay payroll.
  • Pay the standard award labor rates
  • Provide opportunities to generate tremendous career growth with our international clients.

Is there any up front fees with the Hirevirtual Staffing Service?
No there are no upfront fees for Hirevirtual Staffing services.
Is there a trial period or assessment period available?
Yes, with Hirevirtual Staff you are able to work with staff on a trial basis using a pre-paid account designed for clients who would like experience working with candidates first before they commit to full-time or part-time hire. You will be given instant access to these staff without any obligations so you can determine if they are the right candidates for your business. There is no minimum commitment period, however, you are unable to hire full-time or part-time staff using this method of hire. If you have found a staff member that you would like to hire on a full-time or part-time basis then you will need to become a HireVirtual Staff client and begin paying for your staff via one month in advance invoices.
Am I guaranteed specific work related outputs and results by the contractors I hire from Hirevirtual Staff?
No. Due to Hirevirtual Staff having no direct involvement in the direction, guidance, and management of the working tasks of contracted staff, Hirevirtual Staff cannot be held accountable for outcomes rendered by contracted staff the client has personally selected to hire, however we guarantee staff are actually working for you or you do not pay for the time in question.
Is there, any assistance provided on daily work tasks and/or project management solutions offered by Hirevirtual Staff?
No. Due to the fact Hirevirtual Staff is not liable for the daily work activities between your business and the contracted staff, we do not get involved with any of the work tasks or management of your output expectations. Our HireVirtual Staffing solutions offers you HR support services as well as technologies to keep staff accountable and ensure that staff are online, on time and performing work related tasks.