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Sourcing staff from the Asia is a whole lot easier via

We do what a traditional recruitment company would do to place the right candidates for the job, sometimes investing over 100 hours and thousands of dollars in sourcing, but without charging any upfront recruitment fees, as our service is totally FREE.

We are invested and involved in assuring your success.

Our success comes only when our clients totally love the contractors we helped source and place for them and have proven that they are worth employing over the long term. If we don't deliver a successful staffing solution for our clients, we don't get a chance to make a return in the upfront recruitment investment we have made in you. We invest so much time, energy and money to find you the right staff you could work remotely with.

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  • Hire From Our Pre-screened Available Staff List We manage a small percentage of the best candidates we find, who are available to work for the most popular job roles sought after by our clients. The candidates listed on the online Available Staff List have been pre-screened and selected from our strong database. Our pre-screening process involves phone interviews, background checks, employment history checks and reference checks. They have also passed our stringent processes confirming that they have the necessary levels of English communications skills and ability to work remotely.
    Choose candidates and schedule interviews online or give us a call and a HireVirtual Staff representative will assist you.
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  • FREE Customized Recruitment & Candidate Selection Service FREE Customized Recruitment & Candidate Selection Service We will work closely with you during every step of the customized recruitment process ensuring you have the best chance of securing the right staff for your needs. We utilize many proactive measures to attract quality candidates, once a candidate is shortlisted for you, they will be available exclusively for you to interview via Skype. This custom recruitment process will continue until you select the person that you want to hire.
    Let us know about the person you'd like to hire by completing our job specification form and name your price! It’s that easy to benefit from our custom recruitment service.
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  • Select Candidates From Our Full List By selecting who you want screened, we will prioritize these candidates and contact them on your behalf and see who’s available and confirm their salary rates. We will update you on this information within a week and invite you to schedule an interview with candidates worth considering.

Here are 9 ways that Remote Staff makes the hiring process easier for you

  • Select who you want to interview from our Available Staff List or Send us a completed job description of who you would like to hire.
  • We'll invest in advertising across the Asia to find the right candidate for you.
  • We'll do skill assessments, interview the candidates and endorse the best people within a few weeks.
  • We'll facilitate Skype interviews between you and candidates.
  • You’ll decide which person you want to hire and we’ll assist you with your decision.
  • The candidates will be contracted by HireVirtualStaff on your behalf supported by enforceable contracts, so you are protected from legal and local hassles.
  • We’ll handle payroll, HR requirements.
  • Our remote working platform has been custom-built and is one of the world's most advanced technologies available for keeping remote working relationships accountable and transparent so your staff members could truly be able to work from anywhere.
  • We ensure healthy working relationships between clients and contractors by offering customer support service that includes a live staff monitoring service 24-hours/day on weekdays.